From an idea to opening your first shop

06 January 2021

It may seem like an insurmountable challenge to go from having an idea to opening your first shop. If you are in that position, we have some great advice from one of the greatest entrepreneurs in recent times...

From an idea to opening your first shop

South Africa is richer because entrepreneurs and creatives do things that have never been done before.
If you have a great idea,Sarah Blakely the founder of the billion dollar business Spanx has some great advice for you:

“For all the people who have a great idea but no clue how to start, it’s ok to start small. It’s ok to take teeny tiny steps in the right direction. You don’t have to raise millions in capital overnight (or ever). You don’t have to become a unicorn in a year. You don’t have to scale for the sake of scaling. Give yourself permission to start with one really great product or service. I started Spanx  with 1 single product. No business plan, no marketing plan and no other ideas. The product was $20. That was it. Then... here’s what happened. I stayed super connected to the consumer and I listened. I stayed focused on serving and delivering what she needed and wanted. I trusted the process. I didn’t feel the need to produce or create for the sake of growth (ever). I just grew as the ideas came.. and if you really listen with a service heart, they will keep coming. Focus on your purpose and your why. Keep your product and story at the center of your business... Fast growth can be fleeting. Creating a solid foundation of trust with your customers takes time. I’ve spent 20 years earning the customers trust. Take your time... just take the first step and remember to DREAM BIG”

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