Everything You Need to Know to Open a Pop-Up

14 September 2020

You’ve picked your space and signed the lease for your pop-up shop with SpaceMatch but now you have to make it happen. Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you don’t drop the ball along the way.

Everything You Need to Know to Open a Pop-Up
  1. Do your prep
    • Set up a time to meet with the Space Owner so you can make sure you’re in sync with all details of your Space.
    • Confirm all the utilities that are available and make sure you know how to use them. These are things like WIFI, kitchen facilities etc.
    • Decide on your payment system and ensure you have everything you need to process payments. It’s good to have mobile systems and cash facilities available but, whatever you decide, make sure you’ve tested it and it works.
    • Design the layout of your shop to best display your products. Rent or buy any fixtures you may need to make the most of your product.
    • Promote your pop-up on social media – this could include general awareness, a launch event, partnerships with any other brands or influencers. Think about ways to spread the word and create a buzz around your product.
    • Create branded materials that you can use for price tags, posters, displays etc. – anything that will promote your brand on your product and in your Space.
    • Think of ways you can develop a customer database so that you can keep in touch with potential customers who visit your shop or your social media pages.
    • Hire any staff you may need to help with the pop-up.
    • Decide how you’ll measure your pop-up success and what you’re aiming to achieve. Is it awareness you’re aiming for or is it sales?
    • Decide on the detail – opening hours, sound, who’s going to do what. Make sure everyone on your team is in the loop.
  2. Set Up Shop
    • Arrange your Space according to your plan and display your products to attract customers. Make sure you have a toolkit handy for any last-minute bits that need to be sorted.
    • Make sure you know how to get in touch with the Space Owner in case you need to.
    • Test everything – your tech, your music, your point of sales – before the doors open.
    • Attract the crowds by making your Space grab their attention.
  3. Tidy Up
    • Clean up the Space – and return it in the same condition you found it. Make sure you’ve discussed the logistics of cleaning up with the Space Owner ahead of time.
    • Take apart any furniture you’ve brought in and return any rented items.
    • Return any equipment and keys to the Space Owner.
    • Keep in touch with SpaceMatch for your next pop-up opportunity!